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93 Til' Infinity
Track 15 - Death of T.r.E.E. A dedication to hip hop in 1993. Also includes an exclusive mix by T.r.E.E. of 1993 songs at the end of the track. (which gets cut short due to soundclick length restrictions)
HipHop - Old School
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lyrics: TrEE production: TrEE
July 07, 2004
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Story behind the song
I always enjoyed the hip hop in the late 80's and early 90's the most. I grew up on this stuff. Some may remember all these classic songs/memories. It's a shame the turn hip hop took around 1997. In my opinion most of the current hip hop is pure trash and just follows trends and forgets to just have fun.
It's hard to accept over 10 years ago seemed liked yesterday but now the book is closed blowin' up bahloons with De La Soul 19 Naughty 3 had everyone sayin' Hey Ho Hip Hop Horray let's Enta Da' Stage by Black Moon on a Black sunday Cypress, lights splifs while we maurade at midnight with a Tribe Called Quest Domino had the ghetto jam while Onyx backed everyone the fuck up up with slam da da da da Jungle Brothers had the Remedy with weighing their Jimmy I get inspired by the Dogg Snoop ice cube, and the debut of the coup cantaloop with us3 time to come clean and figure out which doobie U b? back when busta rhymes was tight leaders of the new school come out with time mobb deep were infants no need for alarm cuz we got del the funkee homosapian and I play them like it was then and hip hop didn't sound trapped in one dimesion(in) my stereo and i'll forever listen just sittin' back and relaxin' reminisin' this is how we chill from 93 til' although we had to hear wack shaq rap we had digable planets keeping it cool like dat back when Will Smith was fresh prince and drank likwit, chillin' with the alkaholiks top quality magnum opus far side's bizzare ride was definately the dopest oh shit whoomp there it is apache tag teamed that slut gangta bitch Big Daddy Kane, House of Pain, being a straight up menance with MC Eight das efx straight up sewasside dust to dust the minister pete nice little words that mean nothing to most but something to those who are still dwelling in the know so I suggest some UNITY but they're passin' me by looking at me like bushwick bill with one eye here come the lords with their hand on the torch remember whenpaperboy threw us ditty? then the mutha fucka fell into infnity 2pac got around while Run DMC wanted to make sure the king was put down tap the bottle and twist the cap makes me wanna go back waiting for the return of the boom bap (chorus)
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