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stupid questions
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September 29, 2017
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<"Ryan"> my question is there somebody on the phone her answer <"Julie"> it's been ringing away for a while <"Ryan"> me struggling with the strange response. what? the next answer it started ringing and kept ringing on and on another question was there anybody in the room out there another answer nobody is out there! question again o k so that would mean there is nobody on the phone answer again dunno comment number 1 if there is nobody out there to be on the phone there must be nobody on the phone! right? irate response quit badgering me how the hell would i know if there was anybody on the phone! me again sarcastically. um maybe because you were out there right next to the phone when it was ringing away and since there was nobody else in the room with you and since you did not answer the phone i assumed you had enough facts to make the assumption that there was nobody on the phone i mean if you were not on the phone and there was no one else around. therefore there must not have been anybody else on the phone. right? instead of the conversation going like this question? is there anybody on the other phone. answer! nope! Can you hear yourself! you sound rediculous! as if it aint my fault if you don't know how to pick up the phone and see if there is anybody on it! and if you never like my answers why do you persist in asking stupid questions huh!