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Pina colada
Pop - Beach
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Wolfini 2017
September 16, 2017
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This is a hot summer's day rivers of sweat run away in the sea breeze my skin will soon dry I look at the sky there's a shadow - oh my Coconuts falling on my I have to be careful or I'm dead but I drill a hole put a straw and juice and rum inside piña colada - alright piña colada - alright watching the sun set while I sit on a log I'll have another colada then I walk to the dock the boards are shifting while I wobble to the end isn't this beautiful? my dear friend just one more step - and then... I am falling down I have to be careful or I'll drown but after a swim I'll have another drink tonight piña colada - alright piña colada - alright tequila sunrise - alright swimming pool - alright sex on the beach - alright planter's punch - alright lumumumba - alright cuba libre - alright caipirinha - alright long island ice tea - good night