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Rhondda Rhapsody by Mai Jones
Piano Solo by Mai Jones
Classical - Contemporary
Previous peak charts position #1
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Mai Jones 1949-50-51.
pianoman.on (excepting Cover Songs)
April 20, 2019
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2:54 minutes
Story behind the song
It has come as a complete surprise to me just how many people have heard this tune before, maybe in the distant echoes of youth. To me it was just a dog eared piece of music I learned to play for a Ballet Championship in Liverpool, about 50 years ago at the old Crane Theatre which I think is now called something else. This was for the Joan Bates School of Dancing in Stockport, UK. I remember the young girl's name was Fiona Mitchell. It's a piece that gives me a warm feeling though as well. Copyright Issues: tony@pianoman.one or abuse@soundclick.com state who you are, verify who you are, and reason for objection. I have never given this piece as a free download nor put it up for sale by the way. I think it's nice that it is probably getting heard now here on Soundclick more than possibly any other Radio or online media, and it rightly deserves to be heard, don't you agree?
I've never heard any Lyrics written for this, but being of Welsh origin I could well imagine that someone somewhere would want to put a voice to the music . . .
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