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Betsy And The Bears
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Tom Neilson
Tom Neilson 2017
September 06, 2017
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Story behind the song
In Wyoming, Betsy said that guns were necessary in the schools to protect the kids from grizzly bears. The last two lines of the song list colleges with bear mascots.
This is a song about the nomination of Betsy of Blackwater affiliation Known for anomalous communication With no credentials in our estimation Intellectual asphyxiation, Someone to privatize our education Make it Christian and private and white because of bigoted, billionaire Betsy Devos. A life that is misery for every grizzlie cause now there are guns in the schools Every kid will be packin a weapon for whackin a bear not following rules And what can a bear do when we got a ne’er do well who is running the show. To learn ABCs, can you tell me please where is a bear gonna go? Bigoted billionaire Betsy Devos what will the bears do, now she is the boss Without dibearsity, we’re at a loss with Bigoted billionaire Betsy Devos Now it’s not just grizzlies, but Blacks and the Browns, Koalas & pandas & polars No longer a program, No bear left behind, not with Betsy’s enrollers. Bears got to stay away – no more an education now that Betsy is rulin They’ll use other educational tools teachin their cubs with home-schoolin. And now the answer to bear education is shoot them while they’re sleeping in hibernation Lure them with food, catch them with snares, shoot them while tracking from planes in the air. But we got Berkeley and UCLA, Bowdoin and Maine, Oakland in the Bay Missouri State and Montana all say, bears at our school are really ok.
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