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Lovers in the Rain
I wrote this song many years ago, and I'm just publishing it now. I wanted to write a sophisticated pop song and this is what came out. I still like the song and I wanted to get some feedback on it. Here it is! What do you think?
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Pop - Adult Contemporary
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words and music by Pete Gallatin,
Pete Gallatin 2017 BMI
September 30, 2017
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4:51 minutes
Lovers in the Rain We were walking on the hillside you were talking about the past I was dreaming about our future but that dream faded so fast All the love we knew was overcome by feelings that are changing what seemed true Yesterday in sunshine I lay close by your side Was there a look i missed that said your love had died How quick the weather can change It's much colder and the sky is welling up, feels so strange chorus Lovers in the Rain, the scene that ends the play Only tears remain, come rolling down our cheeks They won't be seen again, it's just a memory of Lovers in the Rain, a thousand heartaches later The lessons and the blame, that's just the lonely baggage Waiting to be claimed, then bon voyage to Lovers in the Rain Souvenirs and presents, what to do with all this stuff When it came to photographs , we took more than enough Such a lovely day, I'll just put it on a shelf out of the way Now I have the time to experiment and explore My love life's so much broader now than just the girl who lived nextdoor What a fool was I So bourgeois and so naive, over silly things I'd cry, like repeat chorus guitar solo repeat chorus copywright - Pete Gallatin 2017