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Barnhart Texas
Country - Americana
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Tom Neilson
Tom Neilson 2017
September 06, 2017
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Story behind the song
Fracking in West Texas has deleted water availability
Sand in the toilet, air in the tap, a pump working overtime Till one day Beverley turned on the faucet and discovered no water at all in the line Soon after those first fracking trucks showed up, their water well ran dry No more underground for Barnhart town, Blinking back tears in her eye Three years of drought & land overuse and the cities make it all worse Drought comes & goes, but climate is changing with this fossil fuel curse Ranchers lost most of the herds; farmers ½ of their crops While contractors pumped out all of the water to fracking that never stops Some talk to Jesus; some pray to god that soon the rain’ll come Some kind of flood, maybe a hurricane to swing that pendulum Across the border, Navajo water – turned to tails of uranium In Barnhart, Texas, the water’s run dry, but lots of petroleum They suck all the water out of the ground Acquifer levels keep goin down You can’t drink the gas when the water is through. What’s Barnhart gonna do? 30 communities to run out of water, West Texas is for sale The last drop of H2O out of the ground, goin to Permian Basin Shale. You can’t drink the gas when the water is gone, What’s Barnhart gonna do?
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