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HipHop - Christian Rap
Previous peak charts position #178
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #7
Mind Matter
August 28, 2017
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160 kbps bitrate
2:24 minutes
Story behind the song
Instrumental by: Anno Domini Beats and Limelight Tunes Lyrics written/performed by: Sir Pure
Intro: We’re all at war in some form It’s hurricane season, I hope you’re prepared for the storm Verse: Look up and look down You hear it from all the clowns Your town verses my town The idiocy doesn’t slowdown Racking up enemies left and right Doesn’t matter the level of fight People just want to flex their might But often times it’s all bark, no bite Given all the violence that happens It seems clear they serve a corrupt captain Spiteful vitriol shooting out like cannons This nonsense is all too rapid, nobody’s laughin’ From the outside looking in it’s so dumb The brainwash is clearly working as they’re numb So focused on being superior they’ve succumb They’re now the bait for attention a bunch of chum Distractions being created to distort the truth People plugged in now early in their youth Grab their psyche while it is still fresh to sooth Keep their ideas locked up tight like a phone booth Walking around we see all sorts of drones And I’m not talking the flying type, but the ones with phones So embedded into the tech they’ve lost their backbone Crossing into the territory a rather dangerous zone It’s all fun and games until death opens the eyes Ignoring the signs is a hazardous way to live guys Turning your back on others doesn’t win you a prize So in rough times when you’re alone it shouldn’t be a surprise Bridge: Wake up before you get swarmed You can’t say you haven’t been warned That whirlwind in your life Will cut right through you swift like a knife Closing: Buckle up if you’re on a wild ride In order for the issues to subside You need to face the problems inside There’s no time to run off and hide Do you have control of your choices What’s in your head making the loudest noises The advice you need comes from the calmest of voices So be sure to ignore the poison and find the joyous The emotional roller coaster doesn’t have to shake Let the adventure learn from the mistakes You can be free from that pain and ache Then turn around and be someone else’s grace