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Mistaken Identity
folk; Tatyana Hargrove was stopped by the Bakersfield police while riding her bicycle, held at gunpoint and beaten up. The police mistook her for a man. The pyjama reference is to Justine Damond, kilied at home in her pyjamas my Minneapolis police.
Acoustic - Folk
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Tom Neilson
Tom Neilson 2017
September 06, 2017
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Story behind the song
Bakersfield police arrest a 5' 2" 19 yo woman when they are looking for a 5'10" bald man with a goatee. They said it was a case of mistaken identity.
It was the kind of mistake any cop could make looking for adult Black male 30 yo, about 6 feet tall or anything to scale; So a teen would do, 5 feet two, draw down on her & check id Bakersfield police said just a case of mistaken identity. His head was bald and hers in a braid and he wore a goatee While she was clean shaven riding her bike – mistaken identity She was in shorts, he was wearing grey pants and carrying a 12” blade But close enough cause the skin she was in was a similar shade. Attacked by police at the point of a gun, Punched in the mouth maybe just for fun Puncture bites from a police dog She was charged with assault in the police log. She said he grabbed her wrist, grabbed her neck, then threw her to the ground put his knee on her back, pushed her head in the pavement, in handcuffs she was bound. Tied her feet together, threw her in the car, cuts and bruises on her head Good thing she wasn’t home wearin pajamas – they might have shot her dead. She was armed with a personal weapon – her hands, feet, teeth So a K-9 was chewing on her leg while her head was underneath The knee of a cop so they charged her with felony. How can you be safe in the street and home with mistaken identity.
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