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An Answer (prod by DreamLife)
NEW FIREEEE. Classic East Coast Banger!!
HipHop - Christian Rap
Previous peak charts position #359
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #6
August 14, 2017
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160 kbps bitrate
4:29 minutes
=1st Verse= I been through hell and back feelin trapped just me and this heart attack waiting for God to hurry and holla back/ been about 3 months now since I been about everything I thought I left in the past this bitter route/ in my old skin swimming where we don't swim sin deeper than ocean overdosed and now I'm dealin with convulsions feelin like I still love sin and I don't understand how a Holy God could die in my place I deserve to rot hanging on that cross till my eye balls pop I owe it all to God but I continue to flop 3 times man I'm killin this cock peelin his top back hoping these feelins would stop cream of the crop but I'm dealin with fox concealin the watch time does fly see why ceilings have dropped. =2nd Verse= Vinegar in my eyes I'm dealin with suicide I'm feelin myself die like a sinister in disguise am I in this to live for God or am I in this to live to die while the innocent look surprised I'm busy rotting inside/ will I make it will I ever shake this dust up off me drink my coffee I'm feelin naked in a lobby shrinking like I'm bacon people looking on me while I'm shakin heart throbbing my faith desipatin. I went from homeless ministry to a homeless enemy I went homeless literally many know this mystery I've sat alone with misery and had conversations bout a road that's meant for me a highway within these byways beyond the do or die way ride or die fate tossed in a coffin and hauled off to be dropped in a hole unless your legacy is just your ashes in a bowl. =3rd Verse= See I gotta get it put it together wet it with Holy Ghost infusion my life's a revolution this generations waitin for Jesus not Satan I refuse to believe the lie that I'm hated wisdom reigns supreme in glorious majesty Jesus died for me He died for you graphically we are so loved make me wanna rub my belly feelin full I know I'm not a fool I'm a king and priest this student spiritual learning how to manifest what I'm giving you giving you what I'm finna do not what sinners do not just pitiful lyrical peep the interview we are what we think we spit from the abundance of the heart what we live worship is a lifestyle an art if we drink and feast on the flesh that for all us was ripped I love how God listens forgiveness through the blood that still drips. BEAT by DreamLife @dreamlifebeats
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