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all trumped up
all trumped up
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words by imlen music generic rock and roll from cl
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August 09, 2017
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Story behind the song
not much of a story to tell and a how would you be able to tell if I was telling the truth it might just be all trumped up
the economy is doing fine? the world respects us? the rush ians are our friends? and that's what the president says! i heard it on twitter he typed it right in! now it's not quite a fact it may be adjusted to fit! what it is! it's trumped up! it's all trumped up. the facts can be changed? reality can be bent! you may become confused? or maybe grant your consent. but when the facts don't match with reality? you can rest assured they have been trumped up! they been all trumped up! they been changed they been adjusted the truth re arranged! it's hard on your brain but it's o k! because we all been trumped up! the facts just don't add up and you can't fit the lies in a truck! it's been trumped up! the whole world has been trumped up the value of your dollar is trumped up you citizenship might even be trumped up! first you get the facts then you get the trumped up version. it may be hard to see but i think you will agree! that the stuff going down today has all been trumped up all trumped up!
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