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The Invasion
Parody was written in 2008 about the movie "The Invasion", figured why not record it?
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Previous peak charts position #2
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1
Below Average Dave, 3 Doors Down, RECISIO
2017 Below Average Dave
August 06, 2017
MP3 9.0 MB
320 kbps bitrate
3:57 minutes
Story behind the song
Special thanks to Recisio for granting permission to use backing track they produced.
Don't look at me, I am no stoner Though sometimes it seems I'm staring into space Yes I have always been a loner Like a nomad I move on from place to place So I'll drink all that caffinates Down Yellow Jackets, splash some water on my face It's the Invasion baby They sneezed on me, they want my mind cannot go to sleep frankly cause If I do I will be their kind My eyes are getting heavy I'll bite my tongue I cannot sleep crap I'm sweating, wipe before they see yeah Our race they are controlling And now no one has emotion anymore Nobody's fighting, peace is slated But still I can never let my body go Ooooh nooooooooo I feel like snoozing baby But I'd no longer be mankind Got the Virus baby Invasion has us running out of time Wife's one of them baby And now she's chasing after me And tonight, no, I think I'll fall asleep Do not let me doze Don't Want to be a host cannot join them, but to fight them's getting tough My eyes begin to close I'm afraid that they have won Here I go I've lost control of my own soul uh oh Here comes a helicopter In movies they're always on time Think that the cure's up there They inject me and they free my mind Was The Invasion, I swear This virus it has been confined So tonight now the human race is free yeah oh yeah oooooh
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