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Shady Grove (blues)
blues version slowed way down
Blues - Cover Songs
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2017 Stablesongs
August 06, 2017
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5:34 minutes
Story behind the song
listening to Pink Floyd and started singing the words to Shady Grove...so I used the chords and recorded it like this
Shady grove my little love Shady grove I say Shady grove my little love I’m bound for shady grove Wish I was in shady grove Sittin’ on a rockin’ chair And if those blues would bother me I'd rock away from there Had a banjo made of gold Every string would shine The only song that it would play Was “I wish that girl was mine” When I was in shady grove Heard them pretty birds sing Next time I go to shady grove I’ll take along a diamond ring When you go to catch a fish Fish with a hook and line When you go to court a girl Better never look behind When I was a little bitty boy All I wanted was a knife Now that I am a great big man I'm lookin’ for a pretty little wife Wish I had a big fat horse And corn to feed her on Wish I had a pretty little girl To feed her when I’m gone
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