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Paul McCartney talks candidly about Mic Jogger. Comedy impersonation, produced and performed by John Guilor, written by Laurence Wilson aka Atom Rot.
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Laurence Wilson
Laurence Wilson/John Guilor
August 04, 2017
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Story behind the song
I wrote the words and John Guilor read it and for some reason, he read it as Paul McCartney, and he then recorded it, with a slap of production.
Mic Jogger sings in a band called the Balding Crones. He sniffs drugs up through a hollowed out snake. He baked his bass player in a pie. He never saw eye to eye with Beatle Ed. His guitarist should be dead. Hell, his guitarist probably is dead. Once Mic Jogger ate a steak from the nape of a daring woman. He denied it of course. Or he’d have done horse. His solo output was so bad it almost killed God. His tracksuit wallpaper was banned in Israel. One of his wives went mad and was locked up in a tiger cage. He never dueted with Elaine Page. He never wanted to. The feeling was mutual. Mic Jogger now resides in a circus act known for animal cruelty. His lips are not what they once were. But who’s are? His best performance is yet to come. He plays dumb but he’s really a genius. Once, back in seventy three of four, he almost choked on a fantasy, Involving himself, Bowie, Presley, and the voice behind Betty Boo. The Who weren’t invited. They revived him with a selection of groupies from Vegas. It only half worked, which is why there is a decline in his later output. But love him or sedate him, Mic Jogger is an icon. A sly one. But an Icon, nevertheless.