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The I Ain't Got No Blues
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An 'ironic' country-blues tune.
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Michael Carpenter
Michael Carpenter
July 31, 2017
MP3 3.4 MB, 160 kbps, 3:00
Story behind the song
One day my wife and I were talking about how traditional blues songs are always tales of misery: 'I don't have a woman/job/lot of money/etc.'. I then proceeded to make up ideas for a 'happy-go-lucky' blues tune where the singer was actually doing well. My wife demanded I go write it down before I forget it. As I did so, I added more, and this is the result. While recording, it began to morph into a country song. Recorded and mixed in Cubase, except for the vocals, piano and acoustic guitar, which were recorded in the TASCAM DP-32SD and transferred into Cubase. Drums were programmed w/BIAB.
Well I woke up this morning in my nice big comfy soft bed I got no troubles and there ain’t nothing wrong in my head I’d like to complain but I’m doing pretty good instead I got a flashy car and I live in a great big house My dog feels fine and I don’t cheat on my spouse I’d like to complain but I got no reason to grouse I’ve got a good job with benefits on top of my check My wife likes to brag about our pool and the size of my deck I’d like to complain but really, what the heck I never have to worry where the next meal’s coming from My wife’s still quite hot and my kids aren’t very dumb I’d like to complain but first I’d have to screw up some Now, everything’s fine it’s all just peaches and cream The things that we have are exactly what they seem I’d like to complain but I won’t take one for the team Yes, I’d like to complain but it’s all about chasing the dream
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