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Speak My Mind ( 1 Verse )
Album: "Watch Me" - Track 3. Written, mixed and mastered by B-Mize and Curtis. Beat Produced by Sinima
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #347
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #183
B-Mize & Curtis / Produced by Sinima Beats
July 23, 2017
MP3 2.0 MB
160 kbps bitrate
1:47 minutes
Verse 1: Mize Get your Microphone, capture the sound that you hear yo, beast mode coming back - I'd say match me but your average with that flow that is so so - this aint no promo, bitch you better go home // How you gonna keep up with a pro when your best work is played back at speeds lower than slow mo - for me it's a no no, lyrically you don't belong in my zone // Oh hi, it's this guy, what's his name Mize? wanna try a ryhme one time? // we can be partners, we can fight crime, all the time - no thanks I'm fine Get a dude with no clue in a room to soon be moved by the sound of a smooth soothing boom which you can assume would be my vocals looming through the air passing ear drums and schooling - every non talented rapper that happens to be happily releasing tracks every other day - I endeavour to be better and never ever forget that what I have is a message that will stay // I'm permanently hurting every mother fucker lurking or trying to stand ground on this game I worship - believe me I would bet my last chips that you trying to stop me is completely worthless Hook: Curtis Lexx x2 I speak my mind, I give you life, you cannot do what I can do cause I // I give the truth, what does that make you? Cause I speak my mind, I give you life - I speak my mind!
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