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Venomous X-Psycho Diss Track
vs M3ntally Ill on B.A.R.Z. Battle League.... from Cyber Carnage 11
HipHop - Hardcore Rap
Previous peak charts position #39
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #4
June 17, 2017
MP3 7.2 MB
320 kbps bitrate
3:10 minutes
B.A.R.Z. Battle League.... Cyber Carnage 11 Venomous X What's good man vs Mentally ill.... Seriously Mentally Ill.... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha this is gonna be fun..... numbers don't lie Aaron's a respectable dude// but if you want carnage then it's time to get rude// dogg i'm venomous let's see if i can clam your nevres// that might relax his mind so he can say a few words// you're just a psycho probally to sick to care// i'll leave you lying too sick to be mentally aware// but it's no issue you're a lack of my own state of mind// you're probally too stupid to read between the lines// Aaron is suppose to be the one who's mentally ill// it's time to get the troops lined up and fire at will// this is a slaughter not even a lyrical match// ill won't leave this with your limbs attached// your lack the capasity to match me bar for bar// in his current state of mind he pobbaly won't get far// let me find you in vegas and have you roll the dice// this a gamble before you mentally think twice// that's your problem you don't promote music enough// Aaron should be alteted for forgetting his stuff// are you suppose to be a manaic trying to spit// ill probally bouncin off the walls cause he can't forget// that all those voices in his head told him that he was supreme// time to silence this illness with some cream// tie a rope around and his neck and hope that he slips// so i don't have to hear the chatter comig from his lips// this is just a nigtmare that Ill can't awake from// close his eyes from real so he'll never see the sun// zip this dude up and put him in a body bag// he tried to run from his exsistance but it's just a drag// theses no way i'd be given a loss but i might be cheated// by a durranged pyscho who's looking defeated// you don't have enough a presnse so how are dope// squeeze the trigger to have him aiming for votes// I'm Venomous so don't expect this to be a fair fight// i'll drag his carrer down so he never takes flgiht// Ill much have something cause i can't figure him out// his mind is shatted so it has different ammounts// Ill looking like Shotty Horrah with that pale white face// looking at his guradian angel to be his saving grace// i'm gonna put you in a coffin leave you in the ground// once you're 6 feet under you won't be making a sound// you want a war then it's gonna be a rough match// rip out his organs but still leave all his limbs attached// this is sicking your music's making me quessy// i won't lie your music is sick belive me// you're too mentally unstable to be damaging to bars// So bring a heavy weight so can change the stars// and maybe aligned with something that's worth the spit// with Cyber Carnage that make Mentally Ill quit//