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Spazzedout Freestyle
New fire!!! It was written so don't go and get mad about what you think is and is not considered freestyle you were warned lol It's still barz hahahaha
HipHop - Battles/Disses
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June 16, 2017
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I dedicate this to the aces to the faceless to the nameless wisdom deeper than an oasis this revelation is so dangerous I'm livin life like it's amazing not influenced by the occasion hippy hop skippity doo wop spit fire like 2 glocks extended clips who stop me stop never that I'm spittin limitless painting images when I form scrimmages pillagin Satan's villages giving land back to the Indians I spread truth cuz I'm infected sick of heaven being neglected sick of Jesus being rejected while Hell is being accepted it's no wonder why there is so much depression and evil lookin ruthless now I know why witches toothless Psalm 3:7 learn a lesson revolution evolution is a lie deep rooted in confusion psychological warfare while we all stare at the music toothpick I just ate another rapper I don't hate you carnal rappers I hate the sin you glorify and make us wanna run after I'm not into competition so if they gawk while I'm fishin it don't mean I'm showing off I'm on a mission simply kickin you out the kitchen cuz fiend need fish and not some more crack cuz your brother needs this and not some fake gospel rap before he dead lying on his back another victim ate up by the system cuz he lacked some wisdom discernment perverted so is this why theres so many slacking Christians thinking that their visions in sync with heaven's mission statement they missing 7 amens I've never heard a secular hymn I live my life dead to sin smothered in blood a throne room from above glorified love life flying over these streets with a Dove giving you what? giving you crap? no! giving you love not just through rap you can find me outside flapping my gums aint squashing no bugs but I'm casting out devils and dapping with bruhs dismantling guns like I'm Chan and you Bugs Bunny on drugs no fear where I'm from all jokes aside there's more to life than you passing that blunt, making more sluts and paying more taxes than most of us will ever see income. BEAT FROM; www.youtube.com/channel/UCcTD4zqBuUJZjzUt03zganA
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