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Trump (Parody of Lump)
A parody of the Presidents of the USA, about a man who is a parody of the Presidency itself.
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Andrew Woodard
June 05, 2017
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Story behind the song
What's not to parody about Donald Trump?
Trump stands alone on the 18th green takes more time off than any president I've seen he gets bad press but calls it fabrication While spreading propaganda and deceiving a nation He's Trump, he's Trump, we've been misled He's Trump he's Trump he's Trump he's Pink, not Red Wealth care reform? you've got to see this bill You won't get coverage if ever you've been ill! White House Press Corps, he told 'em "See ya later!" Not like a President but more like a dictator. He's Trump he's Trump, how big's his head? He's Trump he's Trump he's Trump, his kid he'd bed... All talk, no substance; there's nothing upstairs Talks down to NATO and doesn't even care Our ship is sinking; it's leaning off keel Trump thinks he's captain, but Russia's at the wheel He's Trump, he's Trump, what lies ahead? With Trump, with Trump, with Trump, 4 years of dread Thanks to Trump, democracy's dead, I think so Build more bombs while kids go unfed, Oh Hell No! America needs to be led, it's no show. Canada's looking real good, Adios!