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Sweet Bear o' Mine
Parody of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline". Written by the same parodist as "Hungry, Said the Wolf", Alvin Rhodes.
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Neil Diamond, Alvin Rhodes
May 31, 2017
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When it began I have no way of knowin' But all I know It all went wrong A cub, in the spring When spring became the summer Who'd have believed he'd grow this strong Paws Vicious paws Reachin' out Leavin' me tTorn and bruised Sweet bear o' mine Sometimes cubs don't turn out good He'd like to dine He would eat me if he could Where was I? Back on that night My pet just looked so lonely He was chained up...I let him loose That's when he lurched Clawin' my head and shoulders Boy, how I hurt when he was through Warm Blood was warm Leakin' out Drainin' me What'd he do ? Sweet bear o' mine This time, he sure got me good Thought he was fine He behaved not like he should Oh no no Sweet bear o' mine Boy, these wounds are bleedin' good Life's on the line I would run off if I could Sweet bear o' mine (sing fades as he dies) (Halfshell) [edit]