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another call for peace between the Hebrews and the Arab Nations
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Rock - Punk
steve Lieberman
May 28, 2017
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Rockets fired on our homeland from terrorists our brothers don't want us to exist rockets aimed at Isra'el from the Ga'za Strip for our own survival. we must resist Staged an offensive to save our land but blameless people died with the terrorist man our missiles killed so many innocent I mourn for you all: my soul is rent [Chorus] CHILDREN OF THE GA'ZA: WE BEWAIL YOU TRAGEDY OF A HATRED SO OLD WE PRAY FOR OUR PEOPLES' PEACE FOR 4,000 YEARS BUT AN ANCIENT GRUDGE JUST can't BE LULLED [Verse 2] we called for a cease-fire we stopped the raid to let in humanitarian aid to help the innocent, but peace always fades when war is rooted in ancient hate We know just how it feels to lose our babies in war they gassed them they shot them they flogged them raw innocent people tortured as the governments all saw the deafening slam of the death camp door [Bridge] in Europe, they just firebombed the homes of the Jews retaliation for what they didn't do I see racism has survived way past World War II [Verse 3] Ga'za: once a principality of the Philistines They stole our Ark, oppressed us they treated us mean 'til King Dav'id quelled them with his siege machines we got the same father we both agree We pray for de-escalation the miracle of peace for out two nations serving One G-d in jubilation til then: from the Diaspora: I shout out lamentations