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JFmusic ft Andrew Wainwright - bubble of happiness
Dark and brooding contemporary Hip hop version of Christmas track.
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May 24, 2017
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A little rap about friendship, family and exploited foreign workers lyrics christmas can be happiness christmas can be cool when jesus christ and satan drink beer and shoot some pool so if you’ve fallen out with friends and hurt loved ones with lies christmas can be perfect time to unconditionally apologize we don’t need fancy presents it’s the thought of it that counts let’s pray for chinese workers as corporations fake accounts cos santa’s little helpers are just like you and me he can’t afford to pay his elves they live in poverty and though they’re from a foreign race they love the smiles on your child’s face they see your family just like theirs unworried by the stocks and shares if you’ve a friend alone this christmas ask them round to eat don’t judge on their bad habits just put a cushion beneath their feet let there be some happiness for the watered down and out a tiny bubble of human life where no-one goes without and i’ve still got my family and i’ve still got my friends that’s all i need when commercial greed for another season ends