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Beach Crack
First new tune in quite a while.....
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Rock - Surf Rock
Previous peak charts position #4
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1
(2017) VMP
May 24, 2017
MP3 4.8 MB
160 kbps bitrate
4:09 minutes
Story behind the song
Much thanks to Mike Bennett for all the encouragement, it really means a lot!
Beach Crack The new sensation, got me hooked, keep me shakin' baby, Itty bitty bangs, bitchin' beach bunny bakin', yeah, Same old beach, brand new scene, Surfin' to the summer of the 2017, like this....... On my bathroom wall, she's in all the surf mags, Now she surfs for fun, quit cause that's a drag, Aqua toenails, polka dot bikini, Plays an itty bitty pink Kala ukelele, she goes....... Cause it's 2017, it's pumpin', no doubt, Back in the suds, wet and playin' out, When she hangs to watch the jam, My baby goes 60's, jumps up to dance..... She does the Hitch Hike, She does the Camel Walk, She does the Pony, She does the Mashed Potato, Does the Watusi, She does the Twist, She does the Freddie. Pumpin' and Firin' a Roundhouse Cutback, Sweet and kind, that's my aphrodisiac, Same old beach, brand new scene, Janey stole the heart of the VMP, like this......
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