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Alan Yates sings Bye Bye Blackbird (2009)
My lifelong friend (died 2013). Also John Tucker (Trumpet Solo) Pete Smith (2nd song, bass) Ian Wright (drums) Piano - me.
Acoustic - Cover Songs
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May 17, 2017
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Story behind the song
Alan Yates of Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire UK (lead guitar-vocals) Pete Smith (bass guitar - vocals on My Old Man) John Tucker (Trumpet Solo), Ian Wright (Drums) Tony G. - me (Piano and string synth) Bolton Town Hall, Lancashire UK February 2009. I first met Alan way back in my 20s in 1976 as a stand-in bass player. Although we were as different as chalk and cheese we seemed to hit it off. He was a great inspiration in many ways to me although stubborn as a mule :) He also had a history of playing in Jazz Bands around Manchester UK spanning decades. Look up Alan Yates on Fred Burnett's website jazznorthwest.co.uk Alan passed away from cancer July 8, 2013.