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Did Adam Have a Belly Button
A creative song to teach children about creation and how we were made.
Single - $0.75
Country - Christian Country
Previous peak charts position #122
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #23
Randy G. Foncree
Eagle Destinies Ministry (ASCAP)
May 01, 2017
MP3 2.1 MB
128 kbps bitrate
2:15 minutes
Story behind the song
Randy must have written this song when he had too much time on his hands. We pray it brings a smile to your face, and encourages you.
CHORUS Did Adam have a belly button, I don't know When God created him from dust he was all grown He did not have a mother he could call his own Did Adam have a belly button, I don't know At the time in the beginning God created man He breathed in him the breath of life according to His plan He gave him dominion over earth to rule and reign But there's a question that begs an answer time and again Then God made Adam fall asleep and took a rib He made a woman from his side to also breath and live Adam woke up from his sleep and got a real surprise The woman God had made for him became his loving wife All God made was very good He was well please He placed them in the garden told them, "Live and eat!" But in the corner of our mind we wonder still A question through the span of time that's not revealed