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I Am A Child of God Spoken Word Version
Keeping God and Faith in the Forefront through Hard times and All times!
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HipHop - Spoken Word
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Kamal Imani 2017
kamal imani c2017
April 12, 2017
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2:04 minutes
Story behind the song
"Getting Closer To God in a Tight Situation" Mobb Deep
I am a child of God When I was little they told me his name was Jehovah Some try to make my life hard They expect me to put my head in the sand and just… roll over They didn’t know I was kinda smart Cause I always showed love and came from the heart So these beast figured I was fresh meat And they could tear me apart Not knowing that their fight, is with a child of God You Stay Coming For me devil But anything you do will propel me to the next level You will close one door and my father will open another One I’m still standing after he moved the hedge of protection They call you the accuser, always making false accusations against the bredrin But I don’t shake, tremble or budge Cause your lies, won’t stand in the face of the supreme Judge I am victorious, whether standing on the highest plateau or praying in the valley Cause after my final fight was fought After I talked that righteous talk After I walked that long and mighty walk I’ll be in good hands Cause the Father will carry his child, to the promised land. This is why no matter the season or circumstance, I am victorious. https://kamalimani.bandcamp.com/album/i-am-a-child-of-god