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They have to say many ...
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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February 24, 2019
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They have to say many ... Behind the traces left by the fire .. the unfulfilled wishes of our corner .. They will gather to entertain an evening .. history of the best guys ... all children will be here tonight .. will the Christ to Judah hand in hand .. and the Jew in Hitler's lap .. a frog that was once Prince says .. Satan with deck playing priest .. black wearing a wooden coat ... and I see Socrates meaningful laugh .. raising the powders greets round .. but do not drink, so it pours .. into the empty of life the bucket ... quiet agitate the pond water .. and I see you laughing at the victim murderer .. Marigo crying for a lost virginity .. the heroes of Disney Donald and Goofy. me twenty more after magkoufi ... first will run to see .. the sun will come along with the moon .. first time they meet again ... and have to say many ... Lyrics Kostas Mavromatis !!!! music Stefanos Grigoriadis !!!