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He Stood Strong
This was a song Randy wrote in his father's memory after he passed away. Randy does his own vocals and harmonies. This was recorded and produced in Danny Black Studios from Madisonville, Tennessee.
Single - $0.75
Country - Christian Country
Previous peak charts position #80
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #12
Randy G. Foncree
Eagle Destinies Ministry (ASCAP)
March 06, 2017
MP3 4.1 MB
160 kbps bitrate
3:34 minutes
Story behind the song
Randy's Dad passed away after a long bout with heart problems and failure. He figured the best way to honor his dad's memories was through a song that expresses the faith and convictions he stood for. God bless and Randy hopes this blesses and encourages all who listen.
CHORUS He stood strong, as a pillar of strength, Holding up the blood stained banner, he stood strong Though the world misunderstood him, his faith stood strong Now he's in the bosom of the Father, he stood strong. His love for God and His holy Word and Jesus who died for all He gave his life for his family, his strength was mighty and tall We knew him and his unwavering faith, he left a legacy so true My dad instilled a foundation of God's Word we now look too His purpose was clear to everyone, his devotion could not be denied Though at times his words seemed to be rough, he just wanted to do what's right Now he's passed from this life to a glory unseen, but his wisdom speaks loud and strong I'll build upon that foundation that will reach generations to come.