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Far Beyond the Shadows
This was a song Randy composed two years before his former wife passed away from cancer. He did his own vocals and harmonies, as well as the recitation. This was recorded in Danny Black Studios from Madisonville, Tennessee.
Single - $0.75
Country - Christian Country
Randy G. Foncree
Eagle Destinies Ministry (ASCAP)
March 06, 2017
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160 kbps bitrate
4:47 minutes
Story behind the song
This was a song written to give comfort to grieving believer who feel like there's no hope. Everyone experiences loss at some point in their life. God bless you and we pray this song is a comfort and encouragement to you.
Far beyond the shadows of the evening There's a God who wakes the sun above God kisses the earth with every sunrise And bathes creation with His everlasting love Don't despair when the night is all around you There's a God that brings the light of brighter days Though you weep in deep dark nights of pain and sorrow Soon the dawn will bring the sunlight's golden rays If you have ever had the experience of waking early in the morning and watching a beautiful sunrise, if is a stunning and awesome sight to behold. It is a well known fact that right before the dawn breaks between 3 and 6 in the morning, it is the darkest part of the night. So it is with our life at certain times. Some of us have spent nights in agony and despair, maybe we lost a child to an untimely death, or our husband, wife, or one of our parents passed away suddenly, or after a long illness. Maybe it was a traumatic divorce of someone we thought really loved us. You have cried out to God in the darkest hours of the night, and it seemed He was nowhere to be found. But God's Word says, "Blessed are they which die in the Lord", and no matter who abandons or rejects you, God promises that He will never leave you, nor forsake you. "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the God of heaven delivers us out of them all." Just when you think you have cried your last tear, and are just plain wore out from the grief and distress that torments your mind and emotions, you finally have nothing else to do but cast it all on the Father. All of a sudden, God comes into that lonely place, and sends angels to minister to your wounded soul, and God's Son-light bursts through the darkness, and you realize, "This is the dawn of a new and glorious day." You don't know why, but you feel a peace and calm that you have not known for sometime. You somehow know that everything is going to be ok, Daddy God has come to the rescue. You have comfort in know that you'll see mom, dad, Johnny, or granddad in heaven in just a short while. You realize that what you once cherished is now broken, you are free to find and fulfill the destiny that God has set for your life since before the foundation of the world. You understand what the words mean, "Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning." Child of God, He has had His hand on you all along. He was just waiting for you to invite the Son in to shed His glorious light on the dark places of your soul. God forth, be free, and always be found walking in the fellowship of God's marvelous light.