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Back Home In Indiana
This is a song Randy composed about his childhood memories of being raised in Indiana. He does his own vocals and harmonies in the song. This was recorded and produced at Danny Black Studios in Madisonville, Tennessee.
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Randy G. Foncree
Eagle Destinies Ministry (ASCAP)
March 06, 2017
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Story behind the song
Randy and his wife moved back to Indiana and lived there a year. He was near his hometown of Paoli, Indiana. He wrote this song literally when he moved back home in Indiana.
Back home in Indiana on an old dusty road We'd ride in the back of our uncle's pickup truck singing songs We'd sing "This Land is Your Land", followed by "Country Roads" We sing the hymns we loved so much, as we were traveling along CHORUS The sun was shining bright in Indiana The memories still run fresh in my mind We learned of God and faith in Indiana Many joys will be remembered, in the good 'ol days gone by In our little country home a few miles outside of town We'd go and play and not come back for hours we were free The woods they were our fortress protecting us from harm But we knew that we were loved at home as we'd come back to reality TAG Country roads, take me home, to the place, I belong Many joys will be remembered in the good 'ol days gone by
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