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SONG OF LOSS for my 2 puppies who passed, and my 3rd one was adapted at 10
Rock - Punk
steve Lieberman
February 12, 2017
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5:16 minutes
Story behind the song
STeve Lieberman sang and played 2-string guitar, bass, trombones, flutes, mangal vaddya, beatmachines
Three little puppies resting in the sun Little Midnite just 6, Buttons-21 Mori, the only puppy still with me In dog years about 60 or 73. Three little puppies as I open the fridge Midnite and Buttons on the rainbow bridge Mori begs for a tasty treat she gives me a paw, she knows how to speak LITTLE PUPPY PLAY IN THE AUTUMN LEAVES FOR OUR TIME ON EARTH IS WAY TOO BRIEF FROM THE RAINBOW BRIDGGE, CAN'T YOU HEAR ME WEEP SINCE YOU WENT AWAY,I'M OVERSOME WITH GRIEF Three little puppies laying in the shade Got one little puppy and two puppy graves Midnite and Buttons have a memorial den it says "2004 to 2010" Buttons lived to see a good old age Midnite's life was just a turn of a page Mori now, she's turning gray she needs a nap right after she plays