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Long Gone
Blues Rock Boogie Shuffle with guitar leads and Hammond organ, thumping bass lines and rocking drums.
Blues - Blues Rock
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Michel Goudreau
2016 SOCAN
January 11, 2017
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LONG GONE No more makin' a monkey out of me I'm breakin' these chains and settin' myself free I’m gone, and I’ve got the key I'm gone…Find someone else to mistreat You've been leading me on now for quite some time Keeping me hoping that one day you'll be mine I was wrong…Like a fool I kept tryin' You were strong…I believed all your lyin' SOLO Finally got this monkey off my back Like a steamin' locomotive gotta keep it on the tracks Just carry on…Time to right a wrong And travel on…And find a new home Now I'm gone…Long, long, long, long gone Now I'm gone…Long, long, long, long gone Words & Music : Michel Goudreau ©Copyright 2016 by Michel Goudreau, SOCAN
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