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Am I a Christian
'If you were arrested for being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict you?' (quote from a poster I saw). People claim the name and then use the label to justify their actions of exclusion and discrimination!
Alternative - Shoegaze
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Adrian J Pratt
Adrian J Pratt 1995
January 05, 2017
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Story behind the song
The word 'Christian' may have first been used as an insult... disciples of Christ being referred to as 'Little Jesu's' ... rather like in the 1970's folks were called 'Jesus Freaks'. It was certainly a desire of His discipes that there lives become (to use Thomas a Kempis's phrase) "Imitations of Christ'. The insult became a term of endearment.
Am I a Christian? Am I a Christian? It depends just what you mean For sure I have a faith in God and there are things I believe. But can I really claim to have A life full of the Divine... And does it make any sense to claim Jesu's life was anything like mine. If you want to stick a label on me Go ahead but I won't wear it If you want to pigeon hole me in my beliefs Go ahead but I won't declare them Am I a Christian? It depends just what you mean For sure I have a faith in God and there are things I believe. I've had people say to me 'Just have faith and everything will turn out right' But I've seen a lot of darkness in the eyes of those who claim to walk in the light. Hypocrisy and bigotry and prejudices inflamed And all this going on its claimed In Jesu's precious name. If you find these thoughts offensive, if it makes your heckles rise, Then I throw to you a challenge; Am I singing truth or do I speak lies? Am I a Christian? it depends just what you mean For sure I've got a faith in a living God And there are things I believe It seems to me these days that truth is hard to find I feel the only truth we really believe Is the one by which we live our lives I don't want to lead anyone astray Idon't want to pull the wool over anyones eyes But some of the claims to truth I've heard Have turned out to be blatant lies Maybe I'm being contradictory Maybe I'm not making much sense But if I can't be honest about my doubts How can I be honest about anything else? Am I a Christian? For once tell me what you really mean. I've got a faith in a loving God That I pray is enough for me and Him. (or Her!)