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Sonnet of the Good Gardner
Sonnet set to music
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Tammy Jann
December 26, 2016
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Story behind the song
Challenged to write a sonnet and set it to music.
Sonnet of the Good Gard'ner by Tammy Jann © 2016 A gard'ner knows a flower from a weed who plants his heart and gathers what he's grown grows ev'ry color in the grass so green the beauty there is where he calls his home rises with the sun and toils in the rain out in the elements 'till the day's done working hard sowing, digging every day feeds his soul in the garden that he loves But the winds can change and clouds darken the sky his light is gone, and dreams slip through his hands poisoned land suffers flowers slowly die return, the earth awaits your love again Please Come back, hope will grow with just one seed Good gard'ner plant the flowers your heart needs