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Ejaculatory Homicide
Metal - Thrash Metal
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Hymen Pop
December 24, 2016
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Everytime I'm fucking some whore She makes no sounds - she's totally bored In order to heighten the tension I pull out my gun to get her attention The gun is against her temple - she's dripping with sweat But it gets the job done - it's making her wet There's nothing like thrusting away with a gun in your hand Any sexual favor is done - as she obeys the command (chorus) I can feel the climax getting closer Tightening my grip, preparing to dispose her Two more thrusts, and I cum inside Pulling the trigger I complete the ejaculatory homicide Now, my need has been fulfilled Out of the cunt - my load spilled What a fucking beautiful sight I took some pictures, to remember this night Looking at the corpse I started getting horny once more I fucked her again Her brains spilled on the floor Try denying me now, you fucking bitch I laughed as I threw her in the ditch