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EZ Money
EZ Money! Honky Tonky little piece I wrote for a friend who recently visited the batting cage... He spoke a few wise words that I took to heart & turned into a song. Rock on Dave, this one is ALL you!
Blues - Country Blues
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Barry Owen Freeman 2016
December 20, 2016
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I don’t rise with the sun, no alarm clock is calling, Ain’t up at the crack of dawn. ‘Nother day, nother dollar, you can keep the blue collar I won’t have a hard hat on. I don’t intend to be purchased, I won’t be bought or sold. And I ain’t diigging no more friggin ditches Searchin for another man’s gold…. EZ Money; O brother it's all I need EZ Money; I come & go as I please EZ Money; just driving my Cadillac EZ Money; you can bet I never look back...