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We're Taking Over
Starts with a deep Hip-Hop Groove and builds into an energetic, driving funk rock chorus.
Rock - Rock General
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June 24, 2004
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The point of growin’ up is to – get involved Not sitting on your ass without your – problems solved So every now and then I put this mic on And play the songs that get the women warm Do you really want me? Do you really need me? I’m the sky, the Earth The whole f#&%@n’ universe You can stand up You can get down It doesn’t matter We’re takin’ over Every new day brings a casualty Makin’ real what you call your fantasy Listen to your lies and it’s plain to see Add you all up and you’re half of me I put up with the struggle to – get on top Just to sell out ‘cause we’re – goin’ pop Pain’s inflicted from the lyrics I drop ‘Cause you cannot stop what can’t be stopped Do you really want me? Do you really need me? I’m the sun, the moon Let my ego fill the room Can’t wait til the whole world’s – hearing us Sayin’ the Uptown Rulers are – wundamous The bandwagon’s leavin’ so get on the bus And watch the blue-eyed soul live fabulous Do you really love me? Do you really love me? I’m the fire, the wind Again & again & again
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