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George f*** You Bush
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Metal - Alternative Metal
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Burn Machina
2005 Burn Machina
August 20, 2005
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Story behind the song
War. Not real war. Organised cultural mass murder.
I am the morning the earth was just dawning I was the rallying cry I was the Earth-Mother calling her children I am the poison that made them die I am the ever-encompassing feeling That there was a belief worth a fight I was the broadcast from President Satan That made the Earth feel so pacified I knew all along Everything was wrong And if they had known Everything would have been easier So just stick to your guns I am the victim of suicide bombing I’ll learn to see using only one eye I am the 48lbs of explosives Strapped to some poor fucker who wants to die I am unloading a clip in the nation I’m going to sacrifice innocent lives This city’s too crowded I’ll go one step louder I’ll climb their corpses now buzzing with flies I’ll fuck all your women and piss on your buildings Burn all your children while they’re locked inside I’ll Fuck you but never uncover the lies That made the Earth feel so pacified You and I my friends We’ll be back again And we’ll fuck em up Many times over Casualties say Nothing to me My remote control This is getting old And I got an angle That’ll beat you to it Every time Maybe this time it’s mine
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