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Standing with Standing Rock
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Timbre Wolf
Timbre Wolf
September 13, 2016
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Story behind the song
I was listening to Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council. Chairman, Dave Archambault II. He said some profound things. His spirit shone through. it was beautiful. This song came out.
Standing Rock © Timbre Wolf We feel your prayers for our people here Heya ho, heya ho You send us love and it brings us cheer Heya ho, hey ho Standing at the Standing Rock We’re gonna take it over the top No more pipe where the water flows Heya ho, Oh hell no! You ruin the land beneath our toes heya ho, Oh hell no! Standing with the Standing Rock Somebody’s gotta make this stop! The powers that be they don’t care about me or you they want to squeeze out another buck or two Yes, I said it and, by god, you know it’s true They won’t stop until we force them to You frack the ground til the Earth does shake heya ho, heya ho Oklahoma had another quake Heya ho, heya ho