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30 Seconds to Midnight
Song about time left on the Doomsday Clock with Wylie Robbins Thorne-Thomsen
Blues - Blues General
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Tom Neilson
Tom Neilson 2016
August 11, 2020
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Story behind the song
Written at the request of film maker Regis Trembley for his documentary, "30 Seconds To Midnight."
30 seconds to midnight, thats whats left today After 5 billion years its all we have, and its tick-tick-ticking away 30 seconds to midnight and make no mistake Its getting closer every second with every bomb you make 30 seconds to midnight with every drone attack Doomsday clock is ticking away and it aint winding back. 30 seconds to midnight and we aint got no time For perpetual war in Afghanistan, Yemen and Palestine 30 seconds to midnight with a tactical nuclear bomb Nuclear revitalization, but a nuke is one and done. 30 seconds to midnight in Somalia and Ukraine Libya, Iraq, Syria attack, war is the end of the game 30 seconds to midnight with every fossil fuel Bomb train, acid rain, chem trail airplane, nothing for renewal 30 seconds to midnight as the snowcaps melt away North pole, South Pole gonna be a water hole with radioactive bouquet How many dead in the Congo for a cell phone will you pay For tin and tungsten, gold and tantalum so you can selfie away. 30 seconds to midnight with every dredge and drill. --- Pellet incinerator, clear cut the trees, every gas and oil spill. Killing bees and butterflies with every GMO Where are you gonna get food to eat when the pollinators go? 30 seconds to midnight with Hanford and TMI; Fukushima, Chernobyl sacrifice zones - Got to end the lie. 30 seconds to midnight with DU weaponry, Another minute closer to extinction with global warming and nuclear freeze. 30 seconds to midnight with Russia and China where Whos gonna be left standing with holocaust in the air What will the world look like with nothing left alive Mutations left among us if a holocaust they survive. Got just a short time - to change the production line Wave, solar, rail - stead of nuclear hail - 30 seconds to midnight