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Where The Road Goes
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August 15, 2016
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Yump, Versatile, yump, Orinian Records, yump Don’t give up on your dreams Cuz they all come true if you just believe I just wanna know, where the road goes// I just wanna know, where the road I just I just wanna know, where the road goes// I just wanna know where the road goes from here I just X2 (I just I just wanna know) Honestly couple weeks back, I was losing hope// But that all changed with a conversation on the phone On the other line, was the homie Colt// Talking bout if one makes it, we all next to go That's when I told him working on something major is what I hope// He told me not to hope for it, you gotta put in work So like a hoe quick to blow I be quick to write a flow// I made a promise to myself I’ll never fade away like Dirk Can't believe I was close to putting the Mic down// I was closer to burning the rhymes that I wrote down I was uncertain if I would rise up when I fell down// But thanks to the ones rocking with me like a crowd Bumpin’ my music loud, singing my lines aloud// I wondered before my mother knew I rapped would she allow it Man I was tripping for nothing cuz she's so proud of it// Hold up, yump everybody’s proud of it (Yump) Feeling like I'm in a race and I think I need to sprint// I be in front of their face they don't see me like some tint Felt my dreams disappearing the month I was on a splint// That’s why I’m pushing hard when I train till’ the point I'm bout’ to faint You can do anything you put your mind to// Pay no mind to the one’s that don’t support you I show some love to the ones who say “I got you”// And likewise like you struggling I’m a spot you I couldn't walk for a whole month// Smile on my face, but it was just a front Visions of my dreams landed in a dump truck// Used to not care that at gun point, I prolly wouldn't duck Speaking of guns people shoot it like it's fun// In a, second like one people lose who they love Hopefully they, above safeguarding and watching us// So remind everyone you love em’, before their time is up (Yump)