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Business - Benji B ft VERSATILE
IG: @AestheticPapi Twitter/Soundcloud/Snapchat: avp619
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #413
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #217
Versatile & Benji B
August 15, 2016
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4:48 minutes
Yump, it’s Mr. Can I Spit Some Bars again// You’ll never catch me chillin’, it’s as if I don’t got a friend Pushing heavy ass weight til’ I’m seeing stars again// Unleashing my emotions, I don’t wanna’ bottle em’ Tryna’ be aesthetic getting money off of modeling// They giving me respect, for the heavy reps I’m putting in If shawty wanna’ sex, you know I’m a get in it// We cutting when she’s stressed, even for the fun of it My flow oh so ridiculous, wonder how I got it// People acting fraudulent that’s why I never call em’ My team is getting swole yea you know I never spot em’// Hopping on a lot of beats I’d be broke if I bought em’ Used to walk in 511’s now I never buy em’// I’m back in the 501’s mostly cargo shorts I walk in Your girl’s teeth so yellow, I wonder how she got em’// Looking like old white Air Force 1’s if you looking at the bottom (That’s gross) They never ever got the right answer like they taking a survey Never “JK” like Rowling never rollin’ like bowling// They call me Versatile cuz I’m never ever never on the same thing Different genres and different beats, different flows but they all from me// Like a disease for my race in my town I’m one of the sickest asians in SD Yump, I’m Mr. Can I Spit Some Bars// It’s like I be losing reception by the way I’m dropping bars They used to not wanna’ ride with me like I didn’t have a car// I ain’t even famous yet but they calling me a star Like an S.O.E. tattoo first-time listeners ask “Who’s this dude?”// When they find out I’m asian, they don’t accept me like a taboo But, I’m a rise up just like a glass when it’s time to toast// I’m never getting beef like I hate when something’s roast I’m reppin’ SD yump you know that is West Coast// I just had to tell my fans, as if they didn’t know Shoutout to my supporters local and international// Finna’ blow up like 19 grams of creatine in a stomach when it bloats