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Gimme' That Action - VERSATILE ft Teddy
IG: @AestheticPapi Twitter/Soundcloud/Snapchat: avp619
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #1,192
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #604
Versatile & Teddy
August 15, 2016
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4:43 minutes
She gimme’ that action x4 Uh, she gimme’ that action I ain’t saying we fighting// Gimme’ that action girl I know you like it She gimme’ that action, I said she gimme’ that action (action) Yea she’s feeling it, yea she’s loving that// Yea when I be on top, I hit it from the back And no I never stop, until she getting hers// And no I ain’t a cop, but I be handcuffing her She pulling stretching my shirt while I’m pulling up her skirt// We keep going and going I swear she do it til’ it hurts And lil’ mama a flirt, you can tell when she talk// You can tell how she walks, strutting showing it off I’m loving the way she flaunts ooh girl you do it all// I swear it’s like a taunt how we can kinda’ see her drawls Under tight mini-dress’ she is so impressive// Only gives a little, like she in a recession A convict that body killin’ like a sun how she be blinding// No I ain’t a crook but that chick I be stealin’ And like braille notes that body yea I be feelin’// If your man missing babygirl I can fill in Yea I got her posin’ like lights camera action// Never facing drama, like she ain’t into acting Gotta’ keep her close, cus she hates being distant// I say take off ya’ clothes, and she does it in an instant Uh, she taking a flick taking it quick, for Instagram// She posting a pic receiving comments all saying damn Got a single pic with about a thousand likes// You can see it in her eyes it’s proven that she’s a dime Ain’t gotta’ try got no makeup she still fine// If her body was a portrait she’d have perfect lines Her contour lines I can shade em’ with my fingers// Got that sexy scent when she leaves me it still lingers And when she leaves a hickey it feels like multiple stingers// When she says she miss me, I take her out and treat her When she says she’s horny, I dick her down and eat her// When she says to do it fast, I’m maxing out the meter