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HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #404
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Juny B
August 15, 2016
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3:55 minutes
Yump, I got a problem you be, stuck on my mind// I try to forget you but seems like you’re thought of the more I try The only thing I can’t control are feelings I contain inside// If we’re, the same height we still wouldn’t see eye to eye I, cannot lie to you it hurts me more than it hurts you// You hit me once I can’t believe that I’m still with you How many times I say “I’ll hold you down like curfews?"// How many times you gon’ tell me I don’t deserve you? Like siamese twins you’re who I’m never letting go// You claim you got guys lined up, like I’m next to go How can I ever believe you loving me when you say you hate me though// I don’t think I should believe that we’ll ever be I’m confused like idk I be quick but you’re quicker, when, ever you wanna’ go// I dislike it whenever you’re partying, in Mexico Keeping it faithful is something that I will never ever know// How, you stay aware when you always drowning in alcohol (Yump) Look, I prolly shouldn’t blame you for the way you treat me// I mean, that’s prolly what I get for the time I was cheating huh? But that was once and long ago more than six years// We at seven but will we make it another year I hope just like I hope you feel the same// Love and hate you love that I hate whenever you love playing this game Damn, you killing me more than I’m killing wordplay// Insufficient love is what I’m getting always Looking for intersection loving from you all ways// Always different days I’m feeling the same way And this is starting to be too hard to cope with// We close to the last page, of this relationship Like rugers with no clips low fades with no clips// Chris Paul with no clips I hope you understand this That there is no Luv if “U” don’t exist// Like you scared to walk the trail you headin’ for the exit