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I Cried When Hank Died
Wrote this song in 1989 from memory of exactly what I did in 1953 when I heard that Hank Williams had died. Finally recorded the song in June 2016. Hope you enjoy.
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Morris P Rainville
1989 (socan)
September 26, 2016
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I CRIED WHEN HANK DIED Morris P Rainville Chorus I broke down and cried, when Hank Williams died Just couldn't hold back the tears Went up to my room, my folks never knew I broke down and cried when Hank died. T'was a long time ago, I was just in my teens Sitting sideways in a rocking chair with my guitar With the radio on, afternoon of the New Year The news said Hank died, early that morn. .....to Chorus With my Palm Beach guitar, all alone in my room I opened up Hank's Country Music Folio From “Mansion On The Hill”, some time for the pictures To “When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels” …..to Chorus ©1989 (socan)
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