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TRibulations of creating much loud music during the 7 years of a death sentence from leukemia
Rock - Punk
steve Lieberman
July 24, 2016
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8:26 minutes
Going Out With a Bang (Steve Lieberman-2016) I’m going down with a bang bang bang. I’m going out with a bang bang bang My voice just dies and I still sang sang sang. I hit my guitar and it rang rang rang It sounded like the Battle of da-Nang Nang Nang I’m going down with a bang. Could have went out with a whimper That would be much more simpler But I take my left hand it goes quicker Getting louder and louder as I get sicker and sicker. I’m going down in a great Pit-Bash… My marching band plays Punk, Metal and Thrash… I summon in my Lower Brass… And distortion comes in wildly as I play so fast… Never believe this would happened In the 1st Year of my disease They had their fill of me As I went on chemotherapy. Got to sick to play In years 2,3 and 4 Took me 18 months to wield my sword: The story of the Cancer Ward. I’m going all down the line All my systems got fried… I beat my guitar, it died : my Suicide. Sounds just the Battle of Mei-Lei… Mourn for me when it’s over Mourn for me like Mount Gilboa: A battle that challenges a nation But always ends in salvation. I played my farewell Tour… They gave me part of the door… I gave it back to the people I ain’t no whore… Played til I passed out on the floor. Couldn’t believe this would happen In the 6th year of my disease After decades of hating me They grant me credibility. But I never stopped playing Til the last day of the 7th year. I put down my last tracks I couldn’t even hear Going down with a bang
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