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04 - Poinciana
From the latest CD of Roby Perissin & the Latin Jazz Ensemble, "Travellin' with friends", Milan, 2016.
Latin - Latin Jazz
July 05, 2016
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Story behind the song
Milan, March 2016 Listening to music, a tune or to a set of songs is a bit like travelling: music should take your mind off into a voyage, even if only for a little while, with positive thoughts and feelings, whether is during your driving, over your dinner, drinks with friends or moments alone, enhancing your pleasant contexts or soothing these sometimes difficult days. “Travellin’ with friends”, my fourth CD with Latin Jazz Ensemble was conceived, was thought for this purpose, the songs were selected to be a sequence of lovely tunes, some more, some less known, gems that I found and I asked these wonderful musicians to interpret accordingly. I can’ t thank enough all of them, with whom I had the privilege to play live many times over the last years, in alphabetical order Adalberto Ferrari (saxes and clarinets), Diego Ruvidotti (Trumpet and Flugehorn), Gino Carravieri (Drums), Luca Dell’ Anna (Piano), Nadio Marenco (Accordion), Pino Bifano (Guitars). But also on this CD I had the honor to have 2 very special guests and superb artists: Beatrice Zanolini (vocalist) and the great Tollak Ollestad (Chromatic Harmonica and Vocals) with whom I also had the pleasure to play live over the last year. I consider all of them not only great professionals but also “Friends”, good people and super musicians that enthusiastically accepted to participate in this new project with Latin Jazz Ensemble. Music is indeed, played or listened to, always a bonding experience for everyone. Therefore, I hope I could, with these friends, achieve our purpose to grab the listeners and their friends, transport them into a brief but pleasant “travel” with our music. Love and Music Roby Perissin (Bass guitars and Latin American Percussions) www.robyperissin.com proby@iol.it