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My Soul's In Alabam
Song of the south, song of Home
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Country - Americana
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Chapman James
Polhemusic 2013
July 01, 2016
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Story behind the song
Coming home is like nothing else imaginable
She led me down foothill mountains to her streams Through forests wide and grand, Irish green I swam her rivers, slept in wiregrass meadowlands Woke up in a Gulf breeze on her snowy, linen sands She was born on the 2nd day when the floods moved out to sea To the Creeks she was Ekvnv [I-KUH-NUH] or Gadohi [GAH-DO-HI] to the Cherokee Some call her simple, but they flock to her like lambs She's the belle of the dreamers, the divine Miss Alabam... CHORUS: Oh my love I found you a thousand times I let this weary world take from me everything that's kind Oh my love you hold heaven in your hand My heart's down in dixie but, my soul's in Alabam... What ere she sows grows ever skyward, tall and strong Her rushing winds blow through me. They become my songs Her tears flow freely washing everything I am I'm in love with an angel and her name is Alabam... Rest your soul... in Alabama Gulf breeze blows... Wiregrass grows... Rest your soul... Copyright 2013 Polhemusic