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Thinkin bout You (1997 version)
Medium Tempo, with drive, mysterious, pop-country - drive in your car kind of tune. Song about talkin to past love wishin things were different - the way things used to be.
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Country - Country-Pop
Previous peak charts position #3
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CC Stewart
CC Stewart and c2 productions, majik music
June 21, 2004
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Story behind the song
wrote it in 1991 - had just broken up with what was soon to be my first ex -wife - lol. (isn't that country? lol) jk - saw her in public - told her she was on my mind. I wanted things to be the way they used to be. Wrote the song later that night in about 15 minutes. This ended up being the first original that I had ever played live.
Look in my eyes - you know I can remember when - this feeling inside - if it comes or goes again. (bridge) I see you - I need you - and I dream of the things we can do - you see me- do you need me - I reach out for you (cho) I've been thinking about you - have you been thinking about me - I've been thinking about the way things used to be - If you've been dreaming bout me - Well, I've been dreaming about you- (2nd verse) So many days - from the time I was with you - I'm going insane - if you could only see me though (bridge) (cho) (solo) yeaaaaaaaah (cho) I've been thinking about you-
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