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Sunny Day
A perfect day with the perfect partner....
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Country - Americana
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Chapman James
1991 Polhemusic
June 13, 2016
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3:23 minutes
Story behind the song
When I first got to Evansville, IN there was a park near my apt. I went there to write and noticed a man with a picnic spread for 2 yet he appeared to be alone. Still, he was conversing with someone. I figured it was his dream girl. As I drove out of the park I noticed it was right next to a mental hospital... ah love, it transcends all things:)
Sunny Day Words and Music by Chapman James Just look out the window It's another sunny day I suppose we could walk through it If you think it'd be okay But I warn you if you touch me I will carry you away Sunny Day…..Sunny Day Well that bird came just to sing for us And the grass grew just this high So we could lie together here And look up at the sky With my shoulder for your pillow God saw fit to warm your eyes With a Sunny Day…Sunny Day CHORUS1: We could watch the flowers Making love beneath the breeze Or hunt for 4 leaf clovers Neath the coolness of the trees Sunny Day…Sunny Day [INSTRUMENTAL] CHORUS2: We could hunt for 4 leaf clovers Neath the coolness of the trees Or watch those flowers making all That love beneath the breeze Sunny day…Sunny Day Now if I pictured all our moments Like baby butterflies Our sweetest sweet surrenders The blues and winning highs And if I splashed them on a blanket Hung them on a simple sky Sunny Day…that's what I'd have…Sunny Day Copyright 1991 Polhemusic